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Miracle Miles for Temple Street

Miracle Miles for Temple Street

Fundraising For Temple Street Foundation
Latest Update !!

The Swim for Mile Challenge has partnered with Temple Street Childrens Hospital to aid them in the fantastic work that they do.

Temple Street Foundation

People from all walks of life, throughout the country, can contribute and experience the joy of help...

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The Swim for a Mile Challenge is delighted to announce Temple Street Childrens Hospital as our officialy charity partner for 2019. Over 147,000 sick children from all over Ireland are treated each year in Temple Street. The hospital has some of the best doctors and nurses in the world, but without specialist equipment and facilities its simply not enough.

We are asking each of our SFAM participants to target a goal amount to raise from the list below:

10 euro will buy a syringe, essential for administering pain relief to a sick child
15 euro will go towards multisensory toys which are specially adap...

This is why Swim For a Mile exists 😍 Growing confidence in the water, gaining strength and efficiency! Well done…

Wed Oct 09 11:58:39 - 4 Favorite

Today is #NationalFitnessDay and we're celebrating all the benefits of swimming! Tell us your favourite thing abo…

Thu Sep 26 12:34:48 - 10 Favorite

RT @RNLI: It's #NationalReadABookDay and RNLI ambassador @antmiddleton has just published a new book on the subject of fear. For most who g…

Fri Sep 06 15:10:26 - 0 Favorite

RT @BethanyACarson: A super way to start your season! Skills & technique are 🔑 & have to be a priority! Refresh the mind of these now, then…

Thu Aug 29 12:39:46 - 0 Favorite

RT @RosalindLipsett: I great afternoon @swimforamile @swimireland at Seapoint today. Thanks to all the brilliant swimmers on hand in case I…

Mon Aug 26 08:43:41 - 0 Favorite

RT @BethanyACarson: Twas a lovely afternoon for our SFAM'ers at Seapoint today! ☀️👌🏼Well done to all, especially those who braved the sea f…

Sat Aug 24 20:18:49 - 0 Favorite

Well done to all of the Milers today who completed the SFAM Seapoint Open Water event! Can’t wait to see everyone a…

Sat Aug 24 20:18:15 - 13 Favorite

Good luck to all of our Open Water Swim for a Milers braving the sea water at Seapoint this afternoon! 😊🏊🏼‍♂️

Sat Aug 24 16:21:34 - 18 Favorite

Summer is nearly over, kids are back to school, this may be just the excuse you need to get that last dip in the se…

Fri Aug 23 07:00:25 - 5 Favorite

Last chance to dip your toes in the Open Water with SFAM🌊🏊‍♀️ Tickets are on sale now👉 #SFAM #OpenWater #VitaminSea

Thu Aug 22 19:01:21 - 1 Favorite
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Well done Rob Malone. Peter D.


Geraldine Twomey


Eamonn Toland - Ballina Swim For a Mile

€95 euro collected in cash, to go with the €145 sponsorship received online. Thanks to all of my very generous sponsors!


Bernie Fox / Lena McCluskey

Well done to Bernie and thanks to Bethany


GSK Sligo




Aoife Dunne

Participated in Ballina Swim for a Mile 2019


Rose Wall


Alice McAlinden

Well done Rob! A great achievement for a worthy cause.



Well done Rob


About the Cause

Temple Street Foundation
People from all walks of life, throughout the country, can contribute and experience the joy of helping a child who is sick. And, with your help, Temple Street will continue to improve the standard of healthcare provided to children from all over Ireland....