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The Brendan Voyage; 500km for cancer
The Brendan Voyage; 500km for cancer

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Target : € 10,000.00
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Brendan Quinn

Fundraising For Cancer Clinical Research Trust (CCRT) - The Caroline Foundation
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To help CCRT researching new treatments, and funding a fabulous cancer care group Maggies centres. To give patients more.


This joint fundraising will not only help care for patients, including my dear sister Rita, but also to research and produce new treatments through the incredibly detailed research work carried out by prof. John Crown's team at CCRT. This is a joint UK/Ireland fundaiser, because I've experienced the care and love that maggies centres have given to my dear Sister, and other friends/patients. Their work is priceless, and a "best practice" example of how care can be extended. the minute you get a diagnosis the roof caves in. maggies, and CCRT help rebuild your life, and to give patients time to live that life, rather than just survive longer. this journey will be painful, but the pain is my choice. Cancer patients have little choice of when the pain comes. Especially in the younger patient, what would you give to hep them get more time disease free? to research new treatments for all types of cancer. there has never been a better time to need treatment for cancer, but some variants remain very stubborn, and we need to keep researching to crack these.The more treatments we develop, the great number we can treat, and the less the treatments will cost! Lets give a bit, to get a lot back.




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Brendan Hayes


Fab venture Brendan. Congratulations on the motivation and the achievement!


Peter Harty


Well done Brendan; you inspire us all!


Louise Roche


I went into Quinn’s Pharmacy today to collect a prescription and met some lovely people got some lovely tea, cakes and heard about what Brendan did. Well done 😃





Philip Gleeson


Well done Brendan!


Centra, Gort





Auguri on a fantastic journey Brendan!




Amazing stuff Brendan. Super proud.

Mary Nolan



David & Fran Kelly


Well done Brendan for great idea and achievement


Recent Updates

  • 08 Apr 2019
    I had a 7hr training session with a single 20-minute break yesterday, but what a boost, when I stopped after 20km on one of ireland's most incredible beaches: worth the slog, and a great boost for the remaining 10km against a stiffening wind from leenane along Killary Fjord. the kayak is visible, its over 40 years old (like me, and a good bit more) and is now very heavy, but that makes it good for training, and very steady in rough water (to a point). I'll need to be covering this distance daily on the trip.
  • 14 May 2019
    Controlled panic. and anxiety, nausea, lack of focus, fear. probably what people go through every time they get a cancer diagnosis. I can't wait to get started, but there's not enough hours in the day to arrange clothes, maps, charts, marine weather, contacts, car drops, emergency equipment, safety gear, food (nearly forgot a platypus, hope i can find it!), even choice of route on the bigger crossings is variable, NW200 as a minor issue meaning there's nowhere to stay! Final check, adjustments to the kayak,which arrived ludicrously late so its manufacturer will not be getting a plug... but THANK-YOU THank-YOU THANK-YOU everyone who helped, donated, suggested, reassured, came along, most of all my good friend and "wing-man" William Smyth who pushes and pulls me along in times of doubt, and is a brilliant organiser and procurer of goods. its time to go, I can't even consider sitting in front of a computer, i just want to get away! If any Strabanians could help transferring my car to portballintrae or Whitepark bay for Friday Night or ballycastle saturday, it would be a huge help. I have another wing-man in John Melville, but we'd need a driver for my car.. if all else fails i'll drive when i get there, but thats a bad option. weather window is opening, thunderbirds are GO! A big Go raibh maith agaibh to TG4 and especially Tomás O Mainnín who took a lot of time and thought to show me up as competent in front of the beautiful Kinvara bay and Dun guaire. he had a great laugh at the charts showing "unexploded ordinances" and "submarine practice area" in between areas of "fast moving craft" and "firing range". most of all, thank-you Rita, my dear sister, for being here, and for continuing to be here. thanks to all who gave her time; her and so many others who have given life, quality life to patients all over Ireland and the UK. I do love Liverpool FC, but to steal their own phrase...THIS MEANS MORE... I WILL NEVER WALK ALONE, thanks to you all go raibh maith agaibh,chach.

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