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Back to Wesley, with DJ Electric Eddie!

Back to Wesley, with DJ Electric Eddie!

Fundraising For Cancer Clinical Research Trust (CCRT) - The Caroline Foundation
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In Aid of The Caroline Foundation

Cancer Clinical Research Trust (CCRT) - The Caroline Foundation

Scarcely a family in Ireland has not been touched in some way by cancer. While we are all too aware ...

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Hi all

For One Night Only.. We’d love you to join us for a trip back in time to our BACK TO WESLEY Disco on Saturday 25th May.

100% of all funds raised will be donated to The Caroline Foundation (


Where: Old Wesley RFC, Donnybrook, Dublin 4

When: Saturday 25th May, 8pm ‘til late!

Entry fee: €30, either at the door or through this web page.

For the Super Generous: Contribute a little extra on this donation page to request a song we’ll play it on the night.

Why The Caroline Foundation?

I was introduced to The Caroline Foundation by my sister, Jacqui, last November as she knows some people on the Committee.  I'm going on a hike with the Charity this Summer to help raise its profile, but the hike is completely self-funded and this event is not related to the hike - I just want to help raise funds for them! I promise you that once you meet Dermod, Helen and Denis you will want to support the Foundation in whatever way you can! The Foundation was set up in memory of Caroline Dwyer-Hickey, and is operated 100% pro bono. The Foundation is a constituent of Cancer Clinical Research Trust led by Professor John Crown, and is therefore answerable to the board of CCRT. 100% of all funds raised by the Foundation go directly towards funding additional post-doctoral scientific researcher(s) on the CCRT team. The committee of The Caroline Foundation has set itself a clear target to raise €1m for the Caroline Foundation Cancer Research Fellowship - please help them reach their target!  I have paid for the venue and the DJ, so 100% of all funds raised will to directly to the Foundation.  

"The hope and vision that inspires our endeavour is that, through supporting cancer research, those patients who today are participants on the CCRT research programme may benefit from the ongoing development of better treatments and at another level that the global cancer research project, of which CCRT is an integral player,will one day not onyl find a cure, but will find a way of preventing cancer."



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#greataperun Suberb!! Enjoy your well-deserved pints!

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@ApeRunner Superb!! Enjoy your well-deserved pints!

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#greataperun Well done guys - who said you can't teach old monkeys new tricks..Dying to hear how much you collected..

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#greataperun Keep going guys, the final 30..

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#greataperun Fantastic guys - I under-estimated your cAPEabilities...

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#greataperun Don't forget to pick up the €1 that someone kindly dropped in the middle of the Liffey..!

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#greataperun Lookin' good guys!!

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Susan and David

Well done Tara on organising a fantastic night and fundraising for a great cause! 👏



Sorry to have missed the night. Well done T, an amazing success.


Tabitha Wood



Sorry to have missed the dancing Tara. xx



Well done Tara on getting this together...


L MacKenzie




Mike and Kerry naughton


Jane & Tommy



About the Cause

Cancer Clinical Research Trust (CCRT) - The Caroline Foundation
Scarcely a family in Ireland has not been touched in some way by cancer. While we are all too aware of the heavy burden which this disease places on patients and their loved ones, it is important to realise that there has been great progress in recent years in the area of cancer treatment research. The Cancer Clinical Research Trust (CCRT) and our partner, the Caroline Foundation, is dedicated to furthering the development of new treatments for cancer. Together we support research both in the la...