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Fergal Nugent
Walk for Ann Marie
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Walk for Ann Marie

My Story

Fergal Nugent

On the 25 March 2017 I proposed to the most beautiful, kind and caring angel that I've ever known. At the time, Ann-Marie and I had been dating for a little over four years. By May of that year we scraped together every penny we had buy our dream home. Less than a year later I had to bury my beau...

Event Details

Fergal Nugent

Walk for Ann Marie For Pieta

Words of support

Well done to Fergal & all the organisers. We had a fantastic day & weather was brillant! It was for a great cause & Ann Marie would be delighted 😊

Thank you to Teresa and all who helped raise this incredible amount for the walk through the sponsorship cards.

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Donation summary
Total raised: €23,790
Offline donations €2,700
Online donations €21,090
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