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Aidan Stacey's IWA Fundraising Page
Aidan Stacey's IWA Fundraising Page

€ 11380.00

Target : € 5,000.00
From 108 fantastic supporters DONATIONS AVAILABLE UNTIL 30 Jun 2020

Aidan Stacey

Fundraising For Irish Wheelchair Association
Latest Update !!

The Covid Crisis has hit Irish Wheelchair Association hard. The people who use our services are particularly vulnerable to Covid-19.

Hi - thanks for visiting this page - now all you've got to do is think BIG!!!
I'm going to complete My Marathon in May for IWA on Sat. 30th May. Whether I survive is anyone's guess but its worth it in support of the amazing front line staff that have worked so hard and dedicated so much, to the people who use IWA's services. Our Shops have had to shut, our fundraising came to a standstill. Please support me by making as BIG a donation as you can afford. All funds will go directly to Irish Wheelchair Association . Simply click the Donate button above. All donations are processed securely. 

But can you also do one other thing for me....please share my page using Share options below. This is a great way to show your support for me and for people with a physical disability at this very uncertain and challenging time. 

Many Thanks for your support.  If you'd like to join me in UCD, I'll be starting at the Owenstown Gate at 9.00 am - what time I anyone's guess!

RT @SightsaversIE: Being asked to leave your home because of #Covid19, as Gulnaz was, shouldn’t happen in a world where we all have equal r…

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RT @IrishWheelchair: <3

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What a gorgeous metaphor for what's needed around the world these days. Michael Harding: How I learned to stop worr…

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RT @InclusionIre: In today's @irishexaminer, Inclusion Ireland CEO Enda Egan asks for clarity on COVID in disability services, day service…

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This is really important. Please share and RT as much as you can. Tnx

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@Michael_O_Regan A Michael....a wedding breakfast?? Sure they're three day affairs now! #oldentimes

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Thanks for supporting Niall. Great to have the coverage. #legend @SirStevoTimothy

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RT @IrishWheelchair: Short documentary about @SirStevoTimothy 5k challenge coming to your screens soon! Here is a sneak preview keep you go…

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I don’t believe it’s very different in Ireland. Disability charities that support millions could close without emer…

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A competitor & leader on the pitch and a true gentleman off it! Big kudos & thanks to @seamiecolman23 #winnersall

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E Kennedy


50.00 Offline Donation

Gráinne Ryan Schaeken


Well Done Aidan ! Such a great Charity . Gráinne x

Hi Grainne - thanks so much for the support. I\'m delighted to have completed it and even better to have not required medical assistance!!!!!! It was a great weekend for us in IWA as we had a load of fundraisers and we made around €85K in total, so not a bad weekends work. Thanks again Aidan - Hope the Vince Master is doing well!

Ciaran Ahern


Congrats Aidan, a serious achievement, especially in that heat. Fantastic amount raised!

Good Man Deputy!!! You\'ll get there in September!!!! Thanks so much Ciaran, it was very hot but UCD has a great load of trees on most of the trail so it wasnt too bad. I got around which was the main goal. Hope you are keeping well and coming down from the excitement of GE2020! Thanks again Aidan



Well Done Ledge !

Great Stuff Jacko!!!

Derek Willow Wheelers


Well done

Howdy Boss - hope all the Heavey\'s are staying safely indoors being of a cocooning age!!!! Havent seen you pedalling up North ave recently. Thanks so much for your generous donation. I was delighted to finish but even more delighted with the amount raised with such generous donors! Thanks again. Stay well Aidan

Brian Cullen


Is there any water left in California?? Is your daughter attending Trinity College?? Howdy Brian - hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy in Trumpland. Thanks so much for your donation, it was great to get support from the Rock boys on LinkedIn. I survived and didnt need CPR which I believe is a good outcome all round!! Thanks Again Aidan



Can you throw in a free excel lesson there as well pal!!!! Thanks boss - hope youre keeping well. Time to open the grounds for a bit of hurling at this stage I\'d say. Can you not get your clubmate to give the go ahead? Thanks again

John mc carthy


It s a well worn path to ucd. Well done aidan

Cheers Bacon Slicer - it certainly is. place was packed in the morning, not so much at 1pm yesterday...feckin heat nearly killed me!!! Thanks for the donation.

Mark O’Doherty


Fair play to you Aidan, a great achievement for a great cause!

Thanks a million Mark. You know how tough it is in the fundraising world at the moment ! had to do something. Thanks for the support and the donation. Hope all well with you!

Joan Carthy


Well done old man I know someone who can lend you a good wheelchair if needed

Didnt need it yesterday but jesus I could use it today!!! Thanks for the donation and the ever practical advice!!!!

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