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Jarlath Regan
Jarlath Regan (Irishman Running Abroad)
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Jarlath Regan (Irishman Running Abroad)

Jarlath Regan
Fundraising For Jigsaw
Latest Update !!

I've created Irishman Running Abroad Challenge to fundraise for to help them with their essential work. If we don't help the young people of Ireland nobody will. Join me or donate here.

€ 6,910.00 Target : € 10,000.00


31 Mar 2022

From 241 fantastic supporters


Total offline donations before 08/06/2022 € 350.00

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Online Donations : € 6,410.00

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Jarlath Regan (Irishman Running Abroad)

Jarlath Regan
Fundraising For Jigsaw
Latest Update !!

I've created Irishman Running Abroad Challenge to fundraise for to help them with their essential work. If we don't help the young people of Ireland nobody will. Join me or donate here.

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Hello there!


In September of 2020 I couldn't run at all. Like a lot of young people suffering with their mental health, I was stuck. With the help of Sonia O'Sullivan and the listeners to the Irishman Running Abroad podcast, I got going. Increasing my milage gradually week to week in the hope that maybe I could run 2000km in the pace of 12 months. Part of me can't believe it is happening. I am getting closer to my target - even with two months of injury and rehab! So many of you have donated already and I am massively thankful to you all. Please consider joining me or kicking in what you can.


So what is the story with this page? Well, this is the place to support the Irishman Running Abroad Challenge to raise funds for . All funds raised here will go directly to them and the support of their services for young people in Ireland. Even if you can only donate a tenner it all makes a big difference in the end.


Simply click the "Donate" button above. All donations are processed securely. If you're feeling extra sound you can also share my page using share options below.
I'm massively grateful that you're doing this - so thank you again.

Read more about Irishman Running Abroad Challenge or follow my progress on 

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Jarlath Regan

@SusanDa54582747 I need to do the lotto😉

Thu Aug 18 16:14:53 - 1 Favorite
Jarlath Regan

@IrlandIreland I’ll check it out😂. Thanks for listening.

Thu Aug 18 16:14:36 - 1 Favorite
Jarlath Regan

Drove from Ashbourne to Dundalk twice today. How is your life going?

Thu Aug 18 15:55:46 - 10 Favorite
Jarlath Regan

Potentially huge development for Steven Avery. Link via my good friend, true gent and twice guest of…

Wed Aug 17 22:43:33 - 9 Favorite
Jarlath Regan

@rozburrows @JJ_Bola @lokiscottishrap Definitely

Tue Aug 16 23:13:31 - 1 Favorite
Jarlath Regan

@SimonJDaly @RunKarl Love it so so much

Tue Aug 16 23:13:12 - 3 Favorite
Jarlath Regan

RT @RunKarl: This is awesome. Israel Olatunde, the fastest Irishman ever at 100m, breaking the national record tonight at the European Athl…

Tue Aug 16 23:13:00 - 0 Favorite
Jarlath Regan

@rubberkeyhole @reganbot Thanks Courtney. 🇮🇪🇺🇸🙌

Tue Aug 16 06:35:32 - 2 Favorite
Jarlath Regan

The @CoastHalf is less than 2 weeks away. @soniaagrith breaks down what “tapering” is all about, the common errors…

Tue Aug 16 06:34:35 - 21 Favorite
Jarlath Regan

Another #IrishmanAbroad episode just arrived. Enjoy... on #Podbean

Tue Aug 16 00:02:14 - 1 Favorite

Recent Updates

And then it was done! 2000KM in 12 months. One significant injury derailed things for a couple of months but the journey back taught me even more. I want to say thank you to everyone who has helped me along the way, all of the donors, the members and listeners to Irishman Running Abroad, Tina (my wife), Mikey and of course Sonia. Running is now part of who I am and the money you have donated is now part of Jigsaw and how it continues to do the good work it does. Thank you all so much. You can still donate until March. Until the next challenge, good luck and stay well. Jar.

24 Jan 2022

A few people asking whether I am going to hit my 2000Km target by December 31st. Well with the 3 months of injury lay-off I’ve been allowed to extend the 12 month deadline to the end of March. At the moment I am on so close and still it looks doable barring a disaster. If you fancy supporting me in the challenge, here is the place to do it. Today I met up a group of the legends who listen to the podcast for a swift 10K around the Phoenix Park. There is no way I’d be this close to the finish line without these guys and people like you who have supported me along the way.

29 Dec 2021

400km to go! I can't believe we are this close to the target of 2000km in one year. It's been a long road, with loads of events, tears, deep heat cream and moments I will never forget. Since my last update I have done meet up runs with Sonia, a Phoenix Park meet up run, my first ever Park Run, The Run In The Dark and The Ireland Funds 10K. I never thought any of this was possible. It's helped me understand that no matter how bleak your situation, there is always hope. We have raised thousands and hundreds of you have donated. If you can afford it and you feel it is worth it, please give a little something again. I promise I am going to smash the target for you and for the whole team at Jigsaw. They have been in touch a lot and they are so happy with the response to the challenge. Every penny will go a long way towards helping the young people back home who need help.

22 Nov 2021

Back in the saddle! Almost. Happy to say I'm almost there with my injury rehab. The leg feels good and the world feels a bit brighter. The challenge to run 2000km for was always going to be a steep hill to climb especially starting from where I started. That said, I feel like I'm better equipped to complete it now than before the injury took place. Thanks to every one who has gotten in touch to help me through this tricky period. Sonia has linked me up with her brilliant strength and conditioning guru Trevor Cummins and that has changed everything really. For more updates subscribe to our weekly podcast. The next event we hope to take part in is the Fota Island Cheetah Run on June 7th. Fingers crossed. Safe running and thanks again for all your continued donations and support. Jar.

25 May 2021

There was always going to be bumps in the road. I hit a pretty big one on April 13th when I sustained a stress fracture in my left tibia. I was running 50K a week at the time and had a bit of a pain in that leg. Assuming it was just a niggle, I pushed on. Boy was that a mistake. Turns out I had over done the training and this microscopic but still painful fracture was the proof. If you’ve been wondering why my mileage hasn't continued to soar of late it’s because I’ve been advised to avoid running for at least six weeks. It’s gutting but once Sonia calmed me down and gave me plan for recovery I felt a lot better. In some ways the mental struggle of this has helped me realise on a very small level how important the work of Jigsaw is. If I was a kid training and this happened to me, if I didn’t have Sonia or a great support network on Strava, I’d imagine the team at Jigsaw would be invaluable. Perspective is everything. That’s what Sonia keeps telling me and she’s right. This is not the end of the world. I am spending the non-running weeks busting my butt on my bicycle and building some strength so that this won’t happen again. I will get to 2000K. I might need to extend my deadline but I will get there. I’d love if you joined me or supported the cause. Stay safe. Jar.

07 May 2021

Delighted to say our Mother's Day & Patrick's Day events have been a huge success. Thanks to everyone who signed up in the Irishman Running Abroad club on Strava. We have one more Lent event left and there's still time to join that one. I can't really wrap my head around the idea that we have raised this much money already and I'm heading towards 1000K in the next couple of months. Now that Spring is here the miles seem a bit easier. Sonia is the key to everything. Her coaching and belief in me all the way made me believe in myself. I can feel that from our other runners. Big shout out to Simon Egan who just completed his 1000K for - he is a hell of runner and supporter of the whole project. All the kind comments and donations mean so much and really drive me on. Thanks so much lads. Please spread the word. Jigsaw's mental services and resources are only surviving thanks to you and people like you. I wish they were around when I was a young lad. They are changing and saving lives every day. Let's do our bit. Thanks again, Jar.

17 Mar 2021

It's Spring at last! Sonia has designed three Lent events to keep us all motivated. One is on Mothers' Day, one is on St. Patrick's Day and the final one is a week long event to get us up the hills called "Elevation". I honestly have no idea how I'd have gotten through the last few months without this challenge, your support and the coaching of Sonia. I suffered a couple of niggly tendon injuries while "trying too hard" to up my mileage each week. Your support and the words from Sonia each week on the podcast meant that I got right back on the wagon. As you can see we are now steaming towards the half way mark. I'll do my best to keep a monthly update going up here so that you can track the progress and maybe throw in a couple of extra quid for Jigsaw if it impresses you. are continuing to do incredible work. Please check out their site if you have the time. Jar.

26 Feb 2021

We are fast approaching our second event on November 18th. 400+ people have joined the challenge over on Strava club. Join us or just keep track on how things are progressing. Almost 300K covered alread!

13 Nov 2020


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