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Dave McKeon is running a Marathon a week for a year
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Dave McKeon is running a Marathon a week for a year

Dave McKeon
  • Fundraising For LauraLynn Ireland's Children's Hospice

Well Folks, I am doing a bit of a run in 2021!
To be exact the goal is to run 2194km by the end of this year, which works out at about a marathon a week!! I am fundraising for LauraLynn-Irelands Childrens Hospice and have set an ambitious, but achievable goal of 5000 euro which is ten times the required amount from each runner. Hopefully you will be able to help me out with whatever euro that you can spare towards this great cause.


Target : € 5,000.00

Donations Available Until

31 Jan 2022

My Marathon Challenge

2162.38 KM

1,343.68 Miles

Distance Completed

Total Distance of Route

2,194KM (1,363Miles)
Target Completed

Fundraising Target

€ 5,000


Target : € 5,000.00

Donations Available Until

31 Jan 2022

Marathons Completed

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January 1st


December 31st

Recent Activities

Ray D’Arcy is a long-standing supporter of LauraLynn – Ireland’s Children’s Hospice and he is also an avid runner which is how Ray’s Marathon Challenge was born. Ray decided to set the nation’s running lovers a challenge of clocking up 26.2 miles in a week, every week, for a full year!  
Ray is hoping to get 1000 like-minded people to sign up and join his challenge. If every one of those 1000 people raised €500 each throughout the year, that would raise a whooping half a million euro for LauraLynn.  
LauraLynn is Ireland’s only Children’s Hospice providing hospice and palliative care to children with life-limiting conditions and their families. Last year, 374 children and families from every corner of Ireland availed of LauraLynn care, supports and activities. All funds raised from this challenge will go towards supporting these children and their families.  

Supporters 130

  • Online Donations: € 6066.00
  • Offline Donations: € 100.00
  • Stephen

  • The Staff and Students of Abbey Community College


    Thanks so much to Flahavans for supplying all the flapjacks that were sold to the students & staff of Abbey Community College!

  • Ollie Kiely

  • Anita Butler

  • M Toal


    Well done Dave

  • Enda Donnelly

  • Alannah Szajda

  • Michelle Finnegan


    Well done Dave. Running behind you supporting you all the way.

  • Pauline Ryan

  • Eugenie Foley


    Well done Dave best of luck

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