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One Good Turn for Mental Health
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One Good Turn for Mental Health

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Target : € 1,000 Distance Completed : 999.57 Km
From 22 fantastic supporters DONATIONS AVAILABLE UNTIL 01 Oct 2021

Oliver Furness

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Latest Update !!

I've signed up for Deloitte's One Good Turn cycle to fundraise for Mental Health - your support will go along way to helping those in need.

Distance Completed

Total Distance Target of Route

1,250 Km
Target Completed

Fundraising Target

€ 1,000

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Helsinki Finland

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Barry Derby


Delighted to support..... Well done Ollie!!

Hey Barry - greatly appreciate the support (good motivation for the long hours in the saddle!) and overall we’ve managed to raise over 140k which fantastic!

Paul and Hilary Larkins


Hey guys - thanks so much for the support. I’m well into rest & recovery mode but we’ll have to get out for a ride sometime.

Peter Corrie


Congratulations on your ride O-man. Hope you are travelling well. It’s been waaaay too long.

Chew! Lovely to hear from you and thanks so much for the support. Hopefully get back to see you guys in the not too distant future - it has been way too long.

Áine & Terence


Great cause Ollie. Good luck!

Thanks so much guys - next time I’m in Aus (hopefully not to far away) the drinks are on me!



Hey Elisa - thanks so much. Hope you’re keeping well and looking forward to catching up soon.

Nicola Flannery Raffle


Well done Oliver! Such a fantastic cause 👏


Joyn Lyons raffle


Best of luck with the cycle Oliver!

Hey John - thanks so much! It’s been a great event and I’ve learnt how much this means to each charity over the past couple of days. Some really important causes



Good luck Olly!!! Thanks for rallying up for a great cause! :-)

Thanks Aine - greatly appreciated! Hope you’re keeping well and chat soon.

Cian Fahy


Thanks Cian - for a chance to speak to some of the charity leads this week and great to hear how every dollar helps! Chat soon

Pauline Redmond


Hey Pauline - thanks so much for the support.

Recent Updates

  • One week to go! Ramped up the training over the weekend with a lovely 70km around South Kilkenny. On paper it looked like smooth roads the whole way, but google had other ideas and sent me to some seriously potholed, moss covered, up-and-down backroads (with friendly farm dogs!). All character building though, and the countryside is absolutely stunning.
    23 Aug 2021
  • Not much to post over the last couple of weeks as I'm recovering from a tennis induced calf injury... frustrating, but a great chance to give the bike a good clean and plan out a revised training plan! Thankfully after some intensive physio things are on the improve and I'm hoping to be back on the bike in the next day or two to get training again. That training target is still achievable!
    09 Aug 2021
  • A week off work seemed the perfect time to get some much needed training in. So with the new bike and more lycra than I ever thought I'd need, I clocked up some beautiful rides around Mayo and Galway.
    19 Jul 2021

The C19 pandemic has had a huge impact on all of us. I've been one of the lucky ones to keep my job, be able to keep in contact (via phone & zoom) with friends and family, and keep healthy, but for many people the pandemic has caused significant pain, suffering, loss and isolation. The work of charities such as Jigsaw, Simon Community, Blue Box, A lust for life, and Cork Counselling Services has helped hundreds of people to cope through this period, and I've decided to take part in the Deloitte One Good Turn Cycle to help these charities continue their amazing work.

I'm not much of a cyclist, I'm not very fit, I've recently realised I'm rather injury prone, and I'm carrying a little extra weight (thanks remote working!) so riding from Cork to Limerick, and then onto Galway (a lazy 221km)
is going to be a big achievement. I'm doing this for a great cause, and any support will be really appreciated (both for the charity and my motivation!).

All funds raised here will go directly to this great cause.

I hope you can help me by donating whatever you can. Simply click the Donate button above. All donations are processed securely.
You can also share my page using Share options below. This is a great way to show your support.

Many Thanks for your support.


Read more about Deloitte One Good Turn Cycle in aid of Mental Health


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