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Rotunda Foundation's page

Rotunda Foundation
Fundraising For The Rotunda Foundation
Latest Update !!

The Rotunda NICU need a Digital RetCam

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27 Mar 2022

From 60 fantastic supporters


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Rotunda Foundation's page

Rotunda Foundation
Fundraising For The Rotunda Foundation
Latest Update

The Rotunda NICU need a Digital RetCam

Event Details

Today, with incredible advances in neonatal care, smaller and more premature infants survive. However, babies born earlier are at a higher risk of a number of dangerous conditions. Retinopathy of prematurity (ROP) is a potentially blinding eye disorder which primarily affects premature infants. In 2020 alone, 86 babies underwent screening for ROP to prevent blindness. The sight-threatening condition was discovered in 21 of our infants.


When it is detected, it can be treated.


Fighting Blindness and the Rotunda Foundation, are teaming up to raise funds for a brand new, state-of-the-art Digital Retinal Camera to greatly improve the service provided in the NICU, allowing staff to capture a digital image of the back of the infant’s eyes. Having these, allows our team to make the best decisions about the care and treatment of their patients.


“There are studies that show that using Retinal photography is much less stressful for infants. I think having this piece of equipment in the Rotunda would be hugely beneficial to the infants that we look after.”  -- Sarah Chamney, Paediatric Ophthamologist

See more from Sarah Chamney here:


Brody and Alessya's Story

“I gave birth to our twins, Brody and Alessya at 25 weeks in the Rotunda last Christmas. The amazing Hospital staff guided us and made decisions that saved our babies lives and for that we will be forever grateful. It wasn’t an easy road at all and will stick with us always. The twins were born at 1lb 6oz and 1lb 7oz. The both underwent so many scary and complicated procedures and needed numerous medications, blood transfusions, the list goes on. Finally, after 6 weeks for our little girl and 8 weeks for our little boy, they were transferred to Drogheda hospital where they continued to receive fantastic care.


They’ve needed to go back to the Rotunda for their eyes as they both developed ROP, but thankfully because of regular ROP screening and the care provided at the Rotunda, our babies had a chance for it to be detected early and now both their eyes have the all clear thankfully… and they definitely don’t miss a trick!”

- Sherree

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