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Cycling 3,000 miles across America's 'Southern Tier' in aid of the Donal Walsh Live Life Foundation

Fundraising For Donal Walsh Livelife Foundation
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Since his death, many fundraising cycles have been arranged in Donal Walsh's memory. This trip will see me cycle 3,000 miles across USA.

Donal Walsh Livelife Foundation

Donations are used to assist in continuing the conversation Donal started to prevent teenage suicide...

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Donal Walsh was a keen cyclist, and since his death, many cycles have been arranged in his memory. I will cycle across America in his memory and also spread his message of #livelife. My adventure will see me cycle 3,000 miles from San Diego all the way to St Augustine in Florida. This is called the 'Southern Tier' cycle, which is a hugely popular cycle for cycling enthusiasts like myself. I hope to complete this cycle in about 6 weeks. I will start on the 24th of October and hope to finish 6 weeks late in Florida around the beginning...

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About the Cause

Donal Walsh Livelife Foundation
Donations are used to assist in continuing the conversation Donal started to prevent teenage suicide. Thereafter funds available will be utilized to offer teenage appropriate rooms in various care facilities such as Hospices, Hospitals, Pieta House and other care areas....