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Mandy Finlay
Mandy's Million Steps for Lakers
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Mandy's Million Steps for Lakers

My Story

Mandy Finlay

This is Mandy. She is 47, she has Downs Syndrome, and she is a legend.

Mandy came home to live with her family for the duration of the pandemic. And she decided - all by herself - to change a few things. She started walking, a little at a time at first, and then more and more, measuring her progr...

Event Details

Mandy Finlay

Mandy's Million Steps for Lakers For Lakers Social and Recreational Club

Words of support

Well done,Mandy.You are amazing.

Mandy you legend. Still an inspiration! ❤️

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Recent Updates

Up to last Tuesday, despite freezing temperatures, slippy road, and of course the Christmas break, Mandy has reached 869,032 steps towards her goal. She’s going to make it! Respect Mandy!

30th December 2020. Although she’s had to curtail her walking a bit because of Christmas and a sore hip, Mandy is closing in on her target of A Million Steps for Lakers. As of Tuesday according to Fitbit she had completed an a

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Up to last Tuesday Mandy has walked 678,822 of her Million Steps for Lakers. But she's under her physio's orders to cut down her walking for a little while because she has a slightly inflamed hip. She probably doesn't look too fru

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Mandy is six weeks into her challenge now, and has passed the half-million mark. In fact according to Fitbit she has now completed an amazing 527,811 steps. It doesn't matter if it's wet, or cold, or dark, Mandy keeps going. She i

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