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Deryck Tormey
Mark Your Day
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Mark Your Day

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Deryck Tormey

Thank you for taking the time to visit my fundraising page on
I'm taking part in Mark Your Day
I've chosen to fundraise for Saint Joseph's Shankill, Pieta, BUMBLEance Children's National Ambulance Service . All funds raised here will go directly to this great cause.
I hope you can help...

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Deryck Tormey

Mark Your Day In May For Saint Joseph's Shankill, Pieta, BUMBLEance Children's National Ambulance Service

Words of support

Thank so much for coming to take our pictures

Love our photos. Thank you so much. You were so natural & easy with our kids it was just great!

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The Irish women’s football team on RTE, sponsored by SKY 😬 #LateLateToyShow

Sat Nov 26 00:00:20 - 2 Favorite

A rare night, not working at an event. Camera down and I get to hang on to this little firecracker #FFFAi

Fri Oct 28 23:05:01 - 2 Favorite

@VirginMediaIE Thank you

Mon Oct 24 16:59:34 - 1 Favorite

@VirginMediaIE is there a way to get support. My DMs aren’t being replied to. I’m actually trying to give my business to you

Mon Oct 24 16:23:07 - 0 Favorite

Update from Instagram - Instagramians are all savages

Tue Sep 20 13:18:58 - 0 Favorite

I win here

Tue Sep 20 13:18:57 - 0 Favorite

Settle an argument with my son. Eating pizza with a knife and fork…

Sat Sep 17 14:48:59 - 0 Favorite

@ballymaloefoods If you can hit me with a little follow, I will pop you over a DM

Tue Aug 30 14:17:04 - 0 Favorite

@ballymaloefoods What champions!!!!

Tue Aug 30 13:40:21 - 0 Favorite

This is messed up. Control by violence is not ok at any time of someone’s life!

Tue Aug 30 07:36:56 - 1 Favorite

Recent Updates

With the current restrictions in place, people all over Ireland are missing out on celebrating special occasions. We’d like to help you mark your day by sending a local photographer out to you, to capture a picture or two, for f

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