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Rick O'Shea
The 5th Annual Rick O'Shea Book Club Xmas Appeal
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The 5th Annual Rick O'Shea Book Club Xmas Appeal

My Story

Rick O'Shea
Rick O'Shea

I'm Rick O'Shea. I'm a broadcaster with RTE here in Ireland, I curate and host literary events talk *a lot* about books online, and run Ireland's largest book club.


This is now year FIVE of the annual Rick O'Shea Book Club Xmas Appeal, so far we have raised just shy of ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY ...

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Words of support

Read about Russell Crow donating and looked into this. We love animals and Ireland! Thanks for all you do.

Happy Christmas

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Another reminder that I'm not here any more and don't see replies or DMs anymore (this is scheduled, thanks for ask…

Fri Jan 27 21:00:31 - 9 Favorite

I’ll still be as busy as ever in 2023. Find me occasionally on Instagram and in The Rick O’Shea Book Club on FB (l…

Fri Dec 23 11:09:52 - 85 Favorite

Maybe this might push you to re-evaluate your relationship with here too if you’ve been thinking about that. You do…

Fri Dec 23 11:09:51 - 26 Favorite

They change nothing. Change is amazing, necessary, important, but 99.9% of the time it can only happen in the real…

Fri Dec 23 11:09:50 - 24 Favorite

I swear someone will @ me trying to argue the point here, and that kind of *is* the point. Conflict has never been…

Fri Dec 23 11:09:50 - 22 Favorite

This place deliberately makes the world we live in a nastier place. It alters how we see it, how media covers our l…

Fri Dec 23 11:09:49 - 34 Favorite

So this is it. After being a fairly early adopter and being here on almost every weekday for 15 years, I’m logging…

Fri Dec 23 11:09:49 - 270 Favorite

@aidanpobrien Nah, I don't need to replace one platform with another. I need to spend less of my life online. Sorry.

Fri Dec 23 10:32:36 - 2 Favorite

Back with the regular Daytime Gold from 10am on Jan 3rd... x

Fri Dec 23 10:26:46 - 1 Favorite

Then there's an #RTEGoldTop100 for you for the first Bank Holiday of the year - Jan 2nd. We're doing the Top 100 First Hits from 11am...

Fri Dec 23 10:26:46 - 1 Favorite
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