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Why iDonate? – The No.1 Reason Why Causes and Fundraisers Choose Us

There are a number of fundraising platforms out there, so why do so many Irish causes and fundraisers consistently choose iDonate?

Below we share the 5 top reasons, including the No.1 thing that sets us apart from the rest, according to our users. 

1 – Our reputation for reliable, friendly, and locally based customer support

Feedback from our users tells us that there are several reasons why iDonate is the preferred choice, but top of this list is our reputation for excellent customer support. 

Both causes and their supporters hugely value that iDonate have a locally based Support Team in Ireland, who can be reached easily and will respond to their query promptly. With other leading platforms, it can be hard to get hold of support, or to speak to someone in your time zone, so this is the No.1 thing that sets iDonate apart from the rest.

Busy fundraisers appreciate that they can get their query resolved easily so that they can continue raising more for their chosen cause, while causes value the excellent care that their fundraisers and donors receive. Our causes also value that they too can contact our helpdesk at any time to get help and advice from our friendly efficient and reliable team.

If your cause or your supporters require assistance at any point, just contact [email protected].

2- We’re Irish! As well as supporting causes, we also support Irish jobs.

What’s another top reason thar causes and fundraisers choose iDonate? Because we’re Irish!

A member of Guaranteed Irish, we’re very proud to be Ireland’s leading fundraising platform, supporting hundreds of causes, schools, and clubs across Ireland to raise more.

Our team are all locally based, which means we not only support Irish causes, but we are also supporting Irish jobs…and the team is growing all the time! We’re passionate about delivering innovative, cutting-edge fundraising solutions for our causes and expanding our talented Irish team has allowed us to develop even more exciting features for our causes. Watch this space!

3 – We provide innovative fundraising solutions that enhance our cause’s campaigns

Did we mention that we’re passionate about delivering innovative, cutting-edge fundraising solutions?!

Our No.1 mission at iDonate is to make giving easier and help causes raise more, so we provide a wide range of features to support their online fundraising campaigns including our online raffle creator, integrated registration forms, QR code and sharing functionality, custom social media filters, SwiftDonate contactless payment solutions and so much more.

It’s this commitment to innovation and responsive problem solving that makes causes choose us, time and time again.

Our team just loves a challenge, so we work with causes to bring their campaign visions to life and develop new, exciting features that will engage and motivate their supporters.

If you would like to talk to us about an upcoming campaign, just email [email protected].

4 – Our transparent, lower fees help causes to raise more

At iDonate we value transparency, so there are no hidden fees for our donors or causes.

Unlike other platforms that include a pre-selected ‘tip’ charge on all donations (a hidden transaction charge which can be as high as 15%), our total service charge is clear and visible to donors from the start of the donation process and the transaction cost will be a maximum of 4.5%.

Instead of hidden transaction fees, iDonate provide an option for donors to cover our transaction cost, so that the cause can receive the full donation. This option is clearly communicated to donors early in the process, so that they can make an informed choice. Our current click rate of 90% shows that nearly all donors are happy to avail of this option, so that the cause receives 100% of their donation.

With no hidden charges and 90% of donors opting to cover transaction fees, it’s clear that iDonate offer better value for donors and fundraisers, and that causes stand to raise much more on our platform than they would on other leading platforms that provide different fee structures.

It’s just another reason why causes and fundraisers choose us above the rest.

If you would like more information on our fees, just visit our website here. 

5- We make giving easier.

Behind all of the reasons that causes and fundraisers choose us is the simple fact that we Make Giving Easier.

It’s been our No.1 goal at iDonate from day one and continues to be the driving force behind everything that we do.

From our quick and easy fundraiser page setup and user-friendly donation process, to our innovative features and trusted customer support, we ensure that it’s easy for supporters to give, so that causes can raise more.

Talk to us today to find out how we can make giving easier for your cause and thank you to all the causes and fundraisers across Ireland who continue to choose us!!

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