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With your help we support projects in Ethiopia ranging from maternal health and women's welfare, to education and disabilities . We work for an Ethiopia free from poverty, in which every person has access to quality education, healthcare and a life of dignity.


Our vision is an Ethiopia free from poverty, in which every person has access to quality education, healthcare and a life of dignity.

Our mission is partnering with local organisations to help them unlock their potential and prevent poverty in Ethiopia in a realistic and achievable way.


In the autumn of 1987, Sir Alec Reed returned from his first visit to Ethiopia. He saw what many people might expect ? widespread hardship, suffering and poverty. He also saw passion, knowledge and ambition.

Ethiopiaid was founded in the UK in 1989. Sir Alec Reed knew that it could take something simple to make a huge difference to the lives of many people. Starting with an investment of ?1m, he created a platform for years of change. Ethiopiaid has grown without losing sight of its relatively humble beginnings. Using a small number of hardworking staff and a donated office space, this ?1m has grown into more than ?30m in partner donations over 26 successful years.

In 2002 we opened Ethiopiaid in Ireland. From simple beginnings, focusing on connecting Irish people with our Ethiopian partners, we have grown to become an independent, sustainable organisation with our own voluntary board of directors and partners in Ethiopia.

We are still connected to the larger Ethiopiaid family in the UK, Australia and Canada through a shared belief in working with Ethiopians to help them achieve the potential that so inspired Sir Alec Reed in 1987.

Where Your Money Goes

We aim to:

  • Increase access to quality maternal health care
  • Change attitudes to the practice of harmful traditions, such as FGM and Mingi
  • Engage with those suffering from disabilities to ensure they too become part of their own communities
  • Promote quality education for all, with a focus on those excluded through disability, poverty, or the death of parents and loved ones
  • Treat preventable yet destructive diseases such as Noma by supporting the identification and treatment of patients
  • Ensure the rights and safety of vulnerable girls and women

Cause Registration

Revenue (Charities Unit) (CHY): 13305

Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) : 20041069

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