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Nepal and our people need your help, both with dealing with the immediate crisis and rebuilding our community in the aftermath of this disaster. In response to your concern and offers of assistance he have organised a central fund to bring relief to the crisis struck areas.  All monies raised will go 100% directly to the Nepalese Ireland Earthquake Fund for shelter, food and medical relief .

This fund is Administered by The NEPAL IRELAND SOCIETY which was established in 2000  to act as a contact point in Ireland for information related to Nepal and to support charity organisations working in Nepal. We promote tourism and cultural exchange between Nepal and are supported by the Nepalese Embassy in London and our Patron is The Nepalese Ambassador to Ireland and the UK. PLEASE HELP US TO HELP OUR PEOPLE WHICH ARE IN NEED OF YOUR SUPPORT.

We have set up this charity this page to create a common platform where people can donate to provide aid to Nepal in its time of crisis. All monies raised will be directed to areas such as medical, shelter, food and water and rebuilding projects.

Deepesh Man Shakya



Dear friends and supporters, thank you for your concern and many messages and offers of help since Saturdays devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake. 

The UN is estimating that EIGHT MILLION have been affected by the disaster and authorities are overwhelmed by appeals for help from remote Himalayan villages left devastated by the quake and aftershocks.  The destruction of the capital Kathmandu is heartbreaking. People lie buried in the wreckage of their homes, hospitals are running short of medical supplies, tented communities are struggling to find food and clean water, and all around us funeral pyres are burning while revered temples are reduced to rubble.

On Tuesday, our Nepalese Prime Minister, Sushil Koirala warned that the number of people killed in our countrys worth earthquake in 80 years, could reach 10,000.  Even as he spoke, rescuers were struggling to reach remote communities cut off by the quake. The death toll recorded by the Home Ministry has already exceeded 4,000 with more than 8,000 injured and those casualties are expected to rise further as information emerges from more remote areas outside Kathmandu.

The Save the Children organisation has noted that information from these areas is severely lacking at this time with roads blocked and communications unreliable; while the UN childrens agency UNICEF says nearly 1 million Nepalese children urgently need assistance. 

WE need your HELP. 

Where Your Money Goes

All donations will go directly to aid the supply of food, shelter, accommodation, medical supplies.  




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