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Helplink Support Services

Helplink Support Services is a not-for-profit organisation that provides accessible mental health and conflict resolution services.

Mission: Helplink Support Services mission is to provide accessible mental health and conflict resolution services; locally, nationally and internationally.

Aim: our aim, in Helplink, is to provide mental health and conflict resolution services that are accessible and low cost or free – 7 days a week. Helplink achieves this aim though working in partnership with other like minded organisations and by providing our services online nationwide/internationally (to both rural and urban communities) and face-to-face in the West of Ireland. 

Background: Helplink is an award winning charitable organisation (company limited by guarantee) that has been providing its services to the public since September 2012. Helplink has a full Board of voluntary Directors/Members and we compliant with the ‘The Good Governance Code of Ireland’. Our risk management processes, policies and procedures are robust and are at or above industry standards. The organisation’s Founder Lochlann Scott developed and began Helplink because he saw from his work within social care/social work and his academic studies in psychology and health psychology that there were a lot of people either not able to, or not willing to,
engage with mental health services for many reasons. These may be due to: the stigma surrounding attending such services, issues with social anxiety, the limited hours and days these services were available and/or limited or no access to supports in their areas.

Furthermore, Lochlann saw through personal and work experiences that mental health and conflict resolution are in fact deeply interconnected and no organisation was offering both of these services in a connected manner. As a result he along with the Helplink team developed the organisation’s family/housing/community/elder mediation service and Ireland’s first online mediation service. Eventually these mediation services developed into what is now the organisation’s Conflict Resolution Centre.

General donations go towards the upkeep of our free/low cost mental health and conflict resolution services and programmes. These donations also go towards the development of new services.

If you specify that your donation should go to a specific event, service or programme that we offer, we guarantee that the donation will only go towards what you want it to go to.


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1st Floor, The Plaza, Headford Road, Galway City, Galway, IRELAND

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Revenue (Charities Unit) (CHY): 20143237

Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) : 20143237

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