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Pedalling for health - home & away

Cause Description

Charity cycle to raise money for Friends of Wexford General Hospital MRI scanner appeal and also for Nyamagana Health Centre, Rwanda


 THe charities which will benefit from this effort are -The Friends of Wexford General Hospital AND Nyamagana Health centre, Central Rwanda

Where Your Money Goes

The need for a MRI scanner in Wexford Generl is acute - Presently at least 2500 people from Wexford travel to Waterford Kilkenny or Dublin to have a MRI scan when necessary(Private patients add further to this number) - This adds to delays in diagnosis and also adds to the waiting times for scans in these locations. AS MRI is used more often this problem is growing and the HSE have acknowledged the need for a scanner in Wexford and have agreed to fund the majority of the capital and running costs. The community have committed to raising €250,000 towards the project anad to date the Friends of Wexford General Hospital have raised €150000 of this figure -- The need is acute PLEASE DONATE WHAT YOU CAN
The Away portion of this cause is to fund the roof of a health centre in Nyamagana, Rwanda. The provision of a health centre will provide primary healthcare facilities for some 20,000 people in Rwanda. Principally it will provide safe childbirth and other centres in Rwanda have seen the almost elimination of child under 5 mortality. Rates of malaria and dysentry have also reduced substantially. These people have very little means, but have already laboured hard to bring the building up to roof level - They NEED funds to roof the building -PLEASE HELP

Cause Registration

Revenue (Charities Unit) (CHY): 7621

Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) : 20017248

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