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Cork Mental Health Foundation

To promote positive mental health, create awareness and understanding of mental health and illness and actively support and empower persons with a mental illness.


To promote positive mental health among the population in general

To develop and deliver awareness raising activities aimed at challengingdiscrimination and stigm

to support and advocate on behalf of people with mental health difficulties, their families and carers

to promote the development of local mental health committees to carry out their objectives

To influence policy changes in the provision of mental healthcare through campaigning and education

to advance the rights, views, needs and ambituions of poeple experiencing mental health difficulties

Cork Mental Health Association was founded in 1962 to advocate for those with mental Health difficulties and has grown and developed over the years into the organisation we see today.

In October 2006 Cork Mental Health Association changed its name to Cork Mental Health Housing Association, which deals with all housing development and management matters. A new company, Cork Mental Health Foundation, was set up to address the education and fundraising business of the former Cork Mental Health Association.

Cork Mental Health Housing Association is a voluntary organisation, which actively supports and empowers persons with a mental illness through the promotion and provision of high quality housing services. Cork Mental Health Foundation is also a voluntary organisation whose aims are to promote positive mental health, to support people with mental illnesses and to create awareness and understanding of mental illness.

The foundation provides numerous educational projects which you can get more information on in our Education section of this website
The Foundation also gives presentations, as requested, to community, voluntary and statutory groups in the area of mental health promotion.

Cork Mental Health Housing Association supports people with mental illnesses through building and managing Social Housing Projects in Cork City & County. Currently we have 27 properties supporting over 110 residents. You can get more detail on our housing projects in the housing section of our website.

Both Cork Mental Health Housing Association and Cork Mental Health Foundation rely heavily on our volunteers to support us in carrying out our work and we acknowledge their commitment and support in giving of their time so generously.

All funds raised go directly to support the work of the organisation to run projects such as our public speaking project, mental health awareness workshops, annual seminar, reflecting through artetc. We also support those in the local community dealing with mental health difficulties through our assistance program and educational bursaries.


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Nore House , Bessboro Road, Blackrock, Cork, 97

Cause Registration

Revenue (Charities Unit) (CHY): 17675

Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) : 20066260

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