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To Children With Love

To Children With Love run a myriad of structured programmes inside Zhukofka Orphanage and outside the walls once the children leave.

We believe that:

  • We will see Russia without orphanages in the next decade, but for now there are approximately 80,000 orphans still in the system, leftover from a huge breakdown in family and society itself, after the collapse of communism.
  • Every child deserves a family.
  • Every child needs their mother and/or father.

To Children With Love does not support infrastructure, rebuilds, or renovations, as we believe that this simply elongates the life of the orphanage system. However, there are children in the orphanage who still need care, love, respect, birthday gifts, hygiene products, pretty and stimulating books and IT, First Bell and Last Bell support and any additional support needed that the State budget does not cover.

No child deserves to be raised in an institution. Every child needs real love and care to reach their full potential.  We do not live in an ideal world, so for now, we have 150 children within one large orphanage created from the closure of many small provincial ones.


To Children With Love Limited is an Irish registered charity founded by Dublin woman Debbie Deegan in 1998.  She met a group of abandoned children in a Russian orphanage suffering from a severe lack of love and made a promise to them that she would be back to help. The charity was formed and 21 years later and she and her team are still by their side. Since then they have reached out to thousands more children in the same situation. To this day she continues to carry out that promise, the children feel loved and have achieved huge success in their lives. The cycle of abandonment has been well and truly broken.

where your money goes

Your money will go directly to supporting orphaned children by financing the various programmes we run in the Orphanage along with the programme to support the education and life skills of young adults when they leave the Orphanage.


contact details


8 Fairview, Fairview, Dublin 3, IRELAND

cause registration

Revenue (Charities Unit) (CHY): 13203

Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA): 20040499

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