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Grow Mental Health

Grow Mental Health are a community of people drawn together by our first-hand experience of mental health challenges. With over 60 years’ experience supporting people in personal growth and recovery, we provide a space where people can tell their story in a confidential and friendly setting.  Using a world renowned, evidence-based recovery program, our members meet weekly, establish friendships, and begin their unique journey towards mental wellbeing. Funded by the HSE and fundraising activity, Grow Mental Health is a national network of peer support groups that encourage positive action through shared wisdom and practical guidance. Meetings are weekly, confidential, and open to all individuals over 18. No referral is needed.


'Grow's Misson to create new hope, sense of identity, meaningful and valued connections by empowering people to nurture their own positive mental health and wellbeing, by supporting personal growth and establishing a path of recovery with education, self teaching and peer support. 

As a national community based organisation Grow Mental Health works to promote mental health and wellbeing for all, to prevent mental ill health for people who are 'at risk' and to support people with mental health challenges during their recovery.

Grow Mental Health support in excess of 1,000 people per week throught a variety of activies including:

  • 130 support groups operating in communities throughout Ireland.  
  • Young adult groups.
  • Community Educational Programmes.
  • Workplace Programmes.
  • Leadership Programmes.
  • Information Line.
  • Respite Weekends.


where your money goes

Those who donate to Grow can be assured that their donation will be directed to one of the following core areas of Grows' service:-

Recovery, Support and Education

Grow's Recovery Programme supports members as they progress on their journey of recovery. This is achieved through weekly community groups which are free to attend.

Grow Mental Health currently provides Community Educational and Workplace Programmes throughout Ireland aimed at educating and reducing the stigma associated with mental health. These are provided free of charge within the community.  

Through the development of young adult groups Grow Mental Health aims to support young adults who may present with emotional problems, peer isolation, low self esteem, trouble with college, poor coping skills and issues with bullying, self harm or other difficulties. 

Please see our website for further information on our services and ICTR (Irish Charities Tax Research) Fundraising Guidelines. 




Con Keogh was born in 1921 in Victoria, Australia.

In 1954 he suffer a mental breakdown and was certified as insane. He was hospitalised for several months and was incapable of working for almost a year.

Following his discharge from hospital, he sought help and rehabilitation, but at that time there was incredible stigma around mental illness and community services that focused on recovery from mental illness did not exist.

Con found help by attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, though not an alcoholic himself.  Along with a small number of others whom he met at these meetings, the idea was born of a special group to work specifically on problems related to recover from mental illness.  He was thus a member of the first Grow Mental Health group which met at Hurstville, Sydney, on April 27 1957.

The wisdom they gained in helping each other to overcome life's challenges and recover from mental illness was carefully recorded and forms the basis of the unique Grow Program.  The model they developed was exceptionally innovative, supporting personal power, control and self-determination of people with a mental illness at a time when the notion of recovery from mental illness was rejected by most.

Grow Mental Health came to Ireland in 1969 through Sean O Hanlon, a priest who had returned from Missionary work in Tasmania. It began in the small parish of Athea, Co. Limerick.  Today Grow Mental Health has over 130 groups that meet each week in Ireland, both face to face and online.