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Blood Bike Leinster


Unit W10G, Ladytown Business Park, Naas, Kildare - W91X603

Blood Bike Leinster

Introducing Blood Bike Leinster: a dedicated team of volunteers on a mission to save lives. Blood Bike Leinster is a vital charity organisation that provides a life-saving transportation service, delivering urgent blood supplies, medical samples, and vital equipment to hospitals and medical facilities across the Leinster region. With their swift and efficient medical transport service, they ensure that no time is wasted in getting these essential resources where they are needed most. Their selfless efforts help support healthcare professionals in their critical work, enabling them to provide the best possible care to those in need. By donating to Blood Bike Leinster, you can play a significant role in sustaining this incredible service and making a tangible difference in the lives of countless individuals. Join us in supporting this compassionate cause and help save lives today.

You can check out what we do on our website Blood Bikes or Blood Bike Leinster


Our mission at Blood Bike Leinster is to provide a reliable, efficient, transportation service for urgent medical supplies, including blood, blood products, medical samples, and other vital medical equipment. Our primary goal is to support the healthcare system by ensuring that these critical resources reach hospitals and medical facilities in the Leinster region in a timely manner.

Additionally, Blood Bike Leinster strives to raise awareness about the importance of their service and promote the spirit of volunteerism within the community. They aim to inspire others to join their cause and make a positive impact on healthcare delivery.

Overall, the mission of Blood Bike Leinster is to be atrusted and indispensable resource for healthcare institutions, contributing to the efficient functioning of the healthcare system and ultimately making a difference in the lives of patients in need.

where your money goes

When you donate to Blood Bike Leinster, your contribution goes directly towards sustaining and enhancing their life-saving operations. Here's where your donation can make a significant impact:

Fuel, Maintenance and Insurance: Your donation helps cover the costs of fuelling the vehicles and maintaining them in optimal condition. This ensures that the volunteers can respond swiftly to requests and navigate the roads safely, day or night.

Equipment and Supplies: Blood Bike Leinster requires specialised equipment to transport blood products, medical samples, and other essential supplies securely. Your donation helps fund the purchase and maintenance of these crucial items, ensuring that they meet the highest standards of safety and efficiency.


Blood Bike Leinster have been operating since 2013 we offer a crucial service to hospitals, medical centres, nursing homes, and GPs across Ireland. Our mission involves delivering and retrieving urgent medical essentials, including whole blood, plasma, breast milk, and other critical items. Our rapid transport solutions fulfil individual patient requirements promptly, playing a pivotal role in life-saving efforts.


We are dedicated to delivering a professional, dependable, and efficient service to our clientele. Our team comprises skilled volunteers trained to the highest standards and equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure swift and secure deliveries or pickups. Healthcare professionals are encouraged to utilise Blood Bikes  for their urgent medical transport needs.


We stand ready to assist in saving lives!