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OCF Lollipop Day 2024

OCF Lollipop Day 2024

11th December 2023 - 1st April 2024


Lollipop Day, the annual Oesophageal Cancer Fund awareness and fundraising campaign, returns nationwide this year on Friday February 23rd and we are inviting supporters and volunteers across the country to get involved in whatever way possible, including running your very own online fundraiser in aid of Oesophageal Cancer research.

Set up your very own online fundraising page here today, which can be shared within your own community of friends, family, colleagues and neighbours to help raise vital funds to support those affected with Oesophageal Cancer in Ireland.

More than 500 people are diagnosed with Oesophageal Cancer each year in Ireland. 

Together, we can help to ensure that the highest quality support and care is available for anyone diagnosed with Oesophageal Cancer, so that those affected can live long, full lives - knowing that we are by their side.

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