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KITAYOSCE Basketball Court

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Building a Basketball court

1st June 2012

1st July 2012


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The Volunteer Projects

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Kilimanjaro Talented Youth Sports Center (KITAYOSCE) was set up to give the disadvantaged youth of Moshi an opportunity to better themselves through sports and help them avoid some of the pitfalls of poverty. They aim to build youth and community spirit; help youths learn and develop self-motivation; give disadvantaged youths the opportunity to play various sports and potentially provide a career for the more talented of players.

Every day from 4-6.30 over a hundred boys/men and a team of girls come to do soccer training at these grounds. Last year, a group of TVP volunteers cleared a Volleyball court which was very well received by the members, so much so that now the Club wishes to further extend the facilities to include a basketball court. This will give more youths in the area the opportunity to learn through sport.

A group of Waterford IT Sports Students and Lecturers are going to be volunteering at KITAYOSCE for the last 2 weeks in May. TVP would like to have them work on the basketball court to ensure that the club members have the use of the court as soon as possible, many hands make light work!

Any donations to this project will be greatly appreciated!!!

Budget Required:

Basketball court with cement and steel rod base: US $3,400 (€2,600)



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The Volunteer Projects

The Volunteer Projects (TVP) is a registered Irish charity, international Development NGO and volunteer-sending organisation that believes in ‘Development through Volunteerism’.

TVP addresses global Development issues, promotes volunteerism and encourages philanthropy.

We recruit and train volunteers for overseas work Placements in Tanzania in a number of partner Projects.

We also fund, manage and implement local Development and human rights initiatives within these partner Projects and help volunteers and donors who wish to contribute to these Projects using their time, skills and/or donations.

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