donate to a
friend's fundraiser

mobile app

give your fundraisers more control with the idonate app

The idonate app gives cause and charity
supporters full control of their fundraising pages
and allows causes/charities to communicate
directly with fundraisers.

Create fundraising pages

Fundraisers can quickly and easily create a fundraising page for any idonate registered cause. Once set up, fundraisers can quickly manage their fundraising page through easy to use page management tools.

donation notifications

Fundraisers receive real-time notification of every donation. This allows fundraisers to reply quickly to the donor with a personal thank you message. A donor who gets this level of appreciation will share and promote the fundraiser, resulting in more funds raised.

fitness trackers

Fundraisers can connect fitness trackers to their idonate app. This functionality gives your cause a great opportunity to get creative and develop new types of events. No longer are you limited to dates and locations.

communicate with fundraisers

Causes can now send real-time push notifications directly to the fundraiser's phone. Filter and select fundraisers and send messages of support during their fundraising journey. A great personal touch, which your supporters will remember.

improve fundraiser's experience

When fundraisers have an easier way to manage their fundraising page, they are naturally going to engage more with the page. This results in them sharing and promoting their page to a wider audience, which will boost donation levels.

customer support

idonate prides itself on its reputation for providing the highest level of customer support to fundraisers and causes/charities. Through the idonate app, fundraisers can contact our local support team 24/7.

ios and android

The idonate app is available on both iOS and Android.

premium features

find out more about our premium features below:

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idonate was established in 2011 to assist charities & non profits in fundraising. Our aim is to provide tools for both charities and fundraisers to help raise much needed funds.