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virtual event tool

create new innovative campaigns with idonate's virtual event tools

engage supporters with new technology and remove barriers

Virtual events allow charities to get creative and come up with new and exciting fundraising events. Using the latest smart tech, it's bringing fundraising and fitness into a new era of events.

new or old events

Turn your annual walk, cycle or run into a virtual event by allowing anyone, anywhere take part. Let supporters fundraise for you wherever and whenever suits them.

track supporters

Using our integration with fitness apps such as Fitbit and Strava, supporters track and show their activities.

set targets

Build your events around distance targets. Supporters' activities are recorded and distances completed go towards your new event targets.

remove barriers

Anywhere, anytime - no matter what corner of the world your supporters live in, they can complete virtual events at their own pace and whenever they like.

reduce costs

Physical events can be expensive to run. Costs can quickly escalate and impact on your overall returns. Virtual events reduce or eliminate various costs and give you a much greater return on investment.

customise campaigns

With idonate's customisation services, we match your campaign branding to your supporters' fundraising journey on idonate.

communicate better

idonate provide customised emails to your supporters when they register for your event or hit various fundraising landmarks. Charities can also communicate directly with supporters through the idonate app.