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Amanda Cahir-O’Donnell's Camino4DSI 2019

Amanda Cahir-O’Donnell's Camino4DSI 2019

Fundraising For Down Syndrome Ireland
Latest Update !!

1.9.2003: I'm doing Camino 4 DSI 2019 to fundraise for Down Syndrome Ireland; as our son Conor was born with DS 15 years ago:)

Down Syndrome Ireland

Established in 1971, Down Syndrome Ireland is the voice of people with Down syndrome and their fam...

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Thank you for taking the time to visit my fundraising page on
I'm taking part in Camino 4 DSI 2019 in September 2019.  All funds raised here will go directly to this great cause.  Our only child Conor was born with DS on 1.9.2003.  He arrived into the world with major cardiac challenges; turning our perfectly laid plans upside-down!!  Down Syndrome Ireland was a great life-line to us - especially in the early years.  This year, it's time for our family to give back.....  please support this great cause by giving whatever you can & spreading the word.  Thank you for your time and suppo...

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Anne Abberton

Wishing you a successful Camino walk and congrats on all the fundraising for a great cause



Wishing you every success in this great adventure



Amanda good luck !


Michele Murphy

Amanda - Buen Camino - The Journey starts here.

Thanks Michele - I've just heard that we don't choose the Camino; it chooses us!! Hope I survive it! Amanda


Thank you very much for your kind support of this initiative for children with Down Syndrome. Kindest regards - Amanda


Thanks Aoife for your very kind ongoing support of Down Syndrome Ireland. Amanda X

Siobhan Patten

Best of luck with the walk Amanda.

Thanks so much Siobhan. I've a lot of training to do between now and the end of September! Hope the weather picks up here:) Amanda X

Mark Kelly

Hi Amanda, best of luck to you, hope that it goes really well!

Thanks a million Mark! Really appreciate your support. Amanda :)


Best of luck. Barbara and Michael

Thanks Barbara & Michael. We really appreciate your support over the years. Amanda, Keelan

Eileen Fleming

Best of luck Amanda xxx

Thanks so much for your support:) Amanda X

About the Cause

Down Syndrome Ireland
Established in 1971, Down Syndrome Ireland is the voice of people with Down syndrome and their families throughout Ireland. The charity has over 3,500 members with 26 branches nationwide. The charity provides an ‘all-through-life’ supports to people with Down syndrome and their families across Ireland with specialists in the areas of health, speech and language, early development, education and adult education and independence that enhance the lives of thousands of children and adu...