donate to a friend's fundraiser

GoFundMe Fees of 20%, while iDonate charge just 5%

For example, when you make a ten euro donation using GoFundMe, you are asked for a 15% tip as they claim to have a 0% platform fee for organizers.
The end beneficiary (Cause) also has a charge 2.9% + 25 cents.
This results in GoFundMe fees of more than 20% for the fundraising campaign.

Whereas, a ten euro donation with a credit or debit card using iDonate has a maximum commission of 5%.
iDonate also gives the donor the opportunity to cover the full commission.
Consequently, the end Cause has an overall commission of approximately 1.5% on average.

Always read the small print….

iDonate always advise fundraising campaign organisers to read the small print.
FREE is not always free and may not be as transparent as it looks.
Whereas an iDonate campaign of 5% with the majority of donors covering the fees result in a considerable saving.

iDonate Fees

Donors are given the option to cover the total transaction fees, which 75% of donors opt to do.
This results in the cause getting 100% of the donation amount.
We transfer all donations directly to each cause on a monthly basis.

The iDonate fees allow us to provide a professional service to over 2500 non for profit causes nationwide.
The site fee goes towards:
Development costs – we continue to develop the platform to provide more features and tools to causes.
Support Costs – we are here to respond to emails and provide phone support.
Hosting Costs – we host our website with Blacknight Ireland on a high spec server.
Taxes – Yes we must pay these also!
We are also Guaranteed Irish.

While some service providers claim to offer a Free service, they will charge a transaction fee on each donation.
Some sites also set a default tip of 15% of the amount of the donation.
Additionally, some websites will charge charities monthly / yearly fees to be listed on their platform. iDonate charge no such fees.
As a result your campaign will raise on average 5.4% more by using iDonate when compared with GoFundMe.

idonate was established in 2011 to assist charities & non profits in fundraising. Our aim is to provide tools for both charities and fundraisers to help raise much needed funds.