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What is a Virtual Fundraising Event?

A virtual fundraising event is an online event where people interact on the web, rather than meeting in a physical location. Virtual fundraising events involve people completing a challenge close to home and having what they do mapped on to a custom route called a virtual route.
Virtual fundraising events also come under the banner Virtual Missions, or Virtual Challenges.

Furthermore, Virtual Fundraising Events are ideal for individuals or group fundraising. Additionally, iDonate have an option where teams compete against one another. Hence, a team challenge is a great way to create awareness and excitement, thus helping with the online fundraising event. Those type of fun events are also great corporate team building exercises. While in the process helping charities, sports clubs, schools and community groups to fundraise. In summary, those fundraising events are also very visually appealing in that they can be integrated with online tracking devices, such as Strava.

Ideas for Virtual Fundraisers

Selecting an idea for your fundraiser is a key part of the exercise.
Since most people are now staying at home, most of the traditional events on hold for the moment.
People and the whole not for profit sector are now looking at online events to make up the shortfall.
Even though many people now feel totally isolated, the possibility of an online event is a very effective way of virtually creating this new type of event.
A key consideration is to find the most suitable online event or virtual fundraiser for the donor base you have in mind.
You need to ensure that the technology is simple to use and understand for both yourself and your prospective donors.
The virtual event should also be memorable and fun to participate in.

Setting Up Virtual Fundraising Events.

Virtual fundraisers are very easy to setup – this section is under construction.
Virtual fundraisers can be setup for individuals, groups or teams.

This is an example of a Virtual Team Challenge.